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Your Savings on Healthcare Start Here

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My Health and Money gives you everything you need to
save on healthcare without sacrificing quality

  • Discounts on prescriptions or diagnostic tests? Right here.
  • Cost and quality comparisons for common medical procedures? Got you covered.
  • Tips on navigating the healthcare system? That and more.
  • Telehealth? Video visits with a licensed physician available 24/7.

Spend Less. Feel Better. Today.



  • Free Medical Discount Card
  • Prepaid Diagnostic Tests
  • Drug Price Look-up
  • Medical Supply Savings
  • Fundraising Tool


  • Hospital Procedure Costs
  • Diagnostic Test Costs
  • Condition Expense Tracker
  • HSA Management Tools
  • Care & Cost Tips and Articles
  • Peer Mentoring


  • Video Doctor Visits
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • Patient Billing Advice
  • Symptom Checker