About Us

Long before the Affordable Care Act was passed, before the rise of healthcare savings accounts and high-deductible health plans, the co-founders of My Health and Money, saw that healthcare was on the verge of enormous changes driven primarily by the need to slow escalating healthcare costs. Two clear trends emerged as a result: a greater share of healthcare costs being shifted to individuals (now called “healthcare consumers”) and an increasingly complex healthcare delivery system.

Drawing on our knowledge in finance and healthcare, and the personal experiences of family and friends, we decided to create a resource that addressed these two issues, cost and complexity, head-on.

The result: My Health and Money, a web-based, user friendly resource that provides the tools, resources and community supporting smarter healthcare decisions — all in one place.

Our mission: To enable today’s healthcare consumer to make well-informed healthcare decisions that result in appropriate care at the best possible price.

Since our founding in 2009, thousands have turned to My Health and Money. We serve individuals seeking health cost information and decision support, employers who want to give employees a valuable benefit, and benefits administrators who want to offer their customers “something more.” As the healthcare system changes, we will evolve with it, adding carefully considered resources, from telehealth to the most current cost and quality data, that support our mission of enabling healthcare consumers to make the best possible healthcare decisions.

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